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Dr. Wayne King, DDS

dr kingDr. Wayne King, a root canal specialist, will perform diagnostic and root canal procedures for patients of Wingate Dental Care on a weekly basis. Dr. King attended dental school and residency at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Dentistry. This represents the first time in the history of Stanly County that an endodontist has been available to treat patients in the county. This will improve access and reduce drive time for patients of Wingate Dental Care.

An endodontist is a dentist who has undergone a minimum of three years advanced training and is registered as a specialist by the dental board. Endodontists are experts in root canal treatment and other procedures involving the pulp (the internal structures of a tooth.)

They are experienced in managing complicated cases, including diagnosing and relieving orofacial pain, treatment traumatic injuries to teeth and retreating previously unsuccessful root canal fillings.

Dr. King is a published author in the Journal of Orofacial Pain and a co-author of the article, " The Relationship Between Resting Arterial Blood Pressure and Acute Postoperative Pain in Endodontic Patients " He lives in Chapel Hill and is an avid runner and musician.

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